The Forgotten Man

This is a boxing documentary without much boxing. It’s not a story of a fight, it’s a story of the fight. It tells the tale of a nation, of hundreds of thousands of Irish immigrants and the toils they met on history’s road.

Most Irishmen will remember Kevin McBride, the virtual unknown who retired Mike Tyson, the journeyman boxer who triumphed over the former world’s best in one moment, and in the next, gone.

‘Moments’ is exactly what Josh Weinstein’s film ‘I Beat Mike Tyson’ is about. It’s about compulsion, desperation, fear and yearning. It’s the short moment, McBride’s story. This is the unquenchable thirst to reach life’s peak one last time, of about how an obsession grows. But it’s also the long moment – the snapshot of Irish American history, the story is one of a thousand others – the Irishman taking the 3,000 mile journey across the Atlantic to chase fortune, work and the American Dream. McBride, living in Boston while always looking to the next fight, is the story of the Irishman, searching for the dream away from home.

The film is sincere, a bitter-sweet lament for a man at the end of the road. It’s a love story, a tragedy and an ode to a nation all rolled into one. Enjoy.