Neat, Water or Ice

Neat, water or ice? The subject crops up in conversation as much as religion and politics, but unlike the other two, it makes great bar banter, and leaves a great taste in the mouth.

Experiment, study, all in the name of good exploration. But before you do, we ask of you one thing, take the time to try it neat, to inhale its vapours and sample our amber as the day it was born.

The serve

A drop of water in your whiskey will release some subtle notes, whereas ice has a more complex interaction, masking flavours while releasing others.

Water and ice are essential to some, but anathema to others. Alcohol compounds are what holds the flavour of whiskey to the liquid, the higher the alcohol content, the more jealously the liquid will cling to the flavours.


  • Pour 50ml Tullamore D.E.W. into a whiskey glass
  • Add 25ml of rebellious spirit
  • Pour pride and defiance to taste
  • Garnish with courage
  • Serve with a glass held high and the truest friends you can muster.