The Long Live Irish True Project Part II

When we lit the Furnace of Resurrection, we were left with a mountain of charcoal pencils. In the Irish True way, we send these pencils to artists, photographers and musicians across the world. We wanted to find out what Irish True meant to them.

In our last article, we sent some of our charcoal to Ray Mullan, a Dublin based artist-singer-songwriter and Patrick Williams, a direct descendant of our founder - the Great Grandson of our founder, Daniel E. Williams. Now we're off to the Czech Republic, where artists, painters, photographers and musicians picked up their pencils and showed us their idea of Irish True.

Christoph Gillard



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Marek Mraz



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Nina Bumbalkova

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And there we have it, the penultimate part of our Long Live Irish True project. The question is, if we gave you a charcoal pencil, what would you draw?