Irish Legend

The Irish legend is our take on a classic whiskey sour, a drink born from the character of Tullamore D.E.W. and the creative nature of Daniel E. Williams. With ingredients of rosemary, apple, lemon, lime and blackberry, this is a whiskey cocktail of mythical depth and complexity.

Perhaps the most popular cocktail with Irish Whiskey. See our Tully Sour recipe here.

Irish Legend


  • 4.5 cl

    Tullamore D.E.W. Original Irish Whiskey

  • 1.5 cl


  • 4 cl


  • 1 cl


  • 1 cl


  • 0.5 cl


  • 1

    клонка розмарин

  • 1

    Egg white

  • 1 cl

    Crème fe mure

  • 10ml

    Crème de mure

1. Add all ingredients to shaker, except crème de mure.
2. Dry shake, add ice, then hard shake and strain into a rocks glass with ice
3. Sink the Crème De Mure
4. Add crushed ice and garnish
Irish Legend